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"Investing in local cassava farming is an increase in economy food availability"

Yemisi Iranloye

Our Aim

Through education, advocacy, and collaboration, we seek to raise awareness about the benefits of cassava and inspire a new generation of cassava enthusiasts. We strive to empower farmers with knowledge and tools to maximize their productivity and profitability, while fostering partnerships with industry stakeholders to drive positive change throughout the cassava value chain.

At Cassava Queen Official, we envision a future where cassava is celebrated as a cornerstone of food security, economic development, and cultural heritage. With passion, dedication, and a commitment to excellence, we are determined to make this vision a reality."

About Me

Cassava Queen - Oluyemisi Iranloye

Iranloye Oluyemisi fervor for Agriculture especially on cassava produce has hone her to startup Psaltry International Company Limited; a profitable Agro-Allied Industry in the production of High Quality Starch, High Quality Cassava Flour and Sorbitol to meet across diverse clientele and international market. Yemisi and Psaltry International Company Limited vision remains manufacturing world-class cassava derivative that will compete with global standard as they span over twenty years depict streamlining value chain process for cassava produce via incorporating innovative agronomy practice, providing career opportunities for our employee with appropriate safety programs, and empowering medium scale farmers via rendered top notch consultation and training programs, loan disbursement and other agricultural inputs.

My vast knowledge and efforts in cassava farming and processing has not only contributes to the economic empowerment of local communities but it has also promotes food security and agricultural sustainability on a broader scale. As a true advocate for cassava, I have always wanted to inspires others to appreciate the richness of this resilient crop and its potential to positively impact lives around the world.

My Skill

Agronomy Manufacturing

Customer Retention

Agriculture Project Management

Business Strategy

Product Development

Agriculture Market Research

Lean Manufacturing


Profit & Loss Management

Coaching Operations Management

Customer Service Relationship

Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)

Cassava can be a source of wealth

Oluyemisi Iranloye

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower individuals through comprehensive cassava training and mentorship, fostering sustainable agricultural practices, economic growth, and community resilience. We believe with the right knowledge and strategy, Cassava can help can solve food security.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the premier provider of cassava training and mentorship, creating a global network of skilled professionals dedicated to harnessing the full potential of cassava cultivation for food security, economic prosperity, and environmental sustainability. We beleive Cassava can do better.